Price list

Fee criteria as of 1 January 2019

Roos & Co Attorneys-At-Law provide legal services mainly in accordance with the time used, using the charging criteria listed below. However, the minimum charge for an individual measure is always the equivalent of 0.25 hours in billing. The parties may agree otherwise from the pricing mentioned herein.
  • Partner – EUR 240/hour + VAT 24% = EUR 297.60
  • Associate – EUR 200/hour + VAT 24% = EUR 248.00
  • Trainee – EUR 120/hour + VAT 24% = EUR 148.80
In addition to the fee charge, the actual costs resulting from the matter are charged separately. These include, among other things, considerable photocopy work, postage, travel expenses, expenses from acquiring documents, litigation and other official fees as well as any expert opinions needed.
Roos & Co Attorneys-at-Law invoice the measures taken and expenses incurred primarily on a monthly basis or, in the case of a shorter period, after the end of the mandate.
In other respects, the bar association’s code of conduct regarding fees applies: B 3 Fee guidelines.
Administration of bankruptcy estates
The administrator’s fee is determined in accordance with the recommendations of the Bankruptcy Ombudsman and the decisions of the general assembly of creditors.
Duties of restructuring administrator
The administrator’s fee is determined in accordance with the general guidelines defined at the beginning. The recommendations of the Office of the Bankruptcy Ombudsman regarding restructuring are also taken into account.
Flat fee
A legal mandate can also be handled at a separately agreed total price, in which case the office will only charge the total fee and the actual costs resulting from handling the mandate. Such an agreement shall be drawn up in writing between the parties.
Estate inventory, distributions of matrimonial property, distributions of estate
The fees for the above measures are determined in accordance with the general guidelines defined above.